Transform your company with Microstrategy

See how Microstrategy redefines Business Intelligence, making it more efficient and effective.

Optimize your company

Companies that do not use BI tools:


Of decisions lack data.


Ask for help to TI.


Ask for help to a business analyst.

A true leading Business Intelligence tool.

At Enki we work with Microstrategy as a Business Intelligence tool, since it allows us to offer creative and personalized solutions for decision-making in the desired time and space.

With MicroStrategy we cover not only your environment by area but also at a corporate level.

We have certified consultants in the use of MicroStrategy and we are used to generating added value.

Enhance the value of your data

Make decisions in real time

Understand your company with a single view and take the value of your data to another level.

With Microstrategy you will have all the Dashboards you need to be able to make faster decisions in real time. Implement a true Business Intelligence tool.

Everything we do with Microstrategy

Complete intelligence for your company

• MicroStrategy version upgrades in large deployments. + Integration of ETLs and MicroStrategy

• DistributionServices, with MicroStrategy Command Manager scripts.

• Construction of dashboards/visualizations for mobile devices and tablets, either iOS or Android.

• Advice on the implementation of best practices of the BICC and MicroStrategy.

• Rebranding of the MSTR app for iOS.
•  Customizations with JQuery.

• Development of D3 visualizations.

• Tuning to MicroStrategy SQL Engine.

• Execution of On-Demand documents and reports using the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server API (triggered from external tools).

• Use of data sources such as JSON, Twitter, Hadoop, Teradata, Netezza, Exadata, Pentaho Data Service (via JDBC), Hyperion Essbase.

+ Implementation of Basket Market Analysis with MicroStrategy.
+ Use of MicroStrategy Transaction Services for different purposes.

Your data at zero clicks away


Hyperintelligence is the only zero-click technology for Business Intelligence tools.

Include in your day to day cards with insights that allow you to see information about products, prices, sales of a representative or some financial data without having to leave the application where you are to look for it in another application, just put the cursor on the word key to view this card.

Grow your company with a true Business Intelligence tool.

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